Garaudy Laguerre

Garaudy Laguerre was born in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and studied both in Haiti and the United States. He has a Masters degree in International Relations from Long Island University and a Bachelor of Law from Faculte de Droit et des Sciences Économiques d’Haiti. He decided to build Gala Tower because of his love for his country – Haiti.

“Our goal was to assist in rebuilding Haiti with a development that would enhance the existing community,” says Laguerre, President of Gamel – the parent company for Gala Tower. “Haiti is rich in what it has to offer – Gala Tower is just one of its gems. As the country rebuilds, there are many opportunities and I just wanted to be in the forefront of those opportunities.”

Additionally, Laguerre is the Leader of the newly found political movement “Nou Se WOZO” which focuses on Women and youth as their main social base.

During his ten year of leadership with ISPOS the organization has trained close to ten thousand political cadres, mainly youth and women, led many dialogue processes; worked with the U.N. and different countries such as Norway; Sweden, the U.S., Canada etc.

ISPOS, under the leadership of Laguerre was responsible for the electoral code of conduct in 2005 and the pact of governability. More importantly, Mr. Laguerre conceived and saw over the formation of the convention of political parties in 2006.

Laguerre has worked as a diplomat representing Haiti at permanent mission of Haiti to the U.N. (1991-1993) and he was a member a special committee against apartheid and as such, has been an envoy for the U.N.G.S. to South Africa.

Laguerre, has led a dialogue process between Haiti and the Dominican Republic supported by the Norwegian government. He has been a professor of International Relations at INAGHE University, and occasionally when his schedule permits he still lectures.

He has three children and looks to make his new home at Gala Tower.